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A: Money is literally capable of doing everything in this world, so called "money talks" is widely accepted around the world.B: I recognize money is necessary for satisfying physical human needs, for example food, shelter etc, but life is not only

金钱能买到某物,但不是万能的.Money is the key that opens all doors,but money isn't everything.一个人说出金钱万能的话时,那就注定了,他将一无所有.When a man says money can do anything, that settles it, he hasn't any.不论你相信与否,

Is Money All-powerful?As we know,most of the material things in our daily life have to be bought with money.But money is not all-powerful.There are many things which money cannot buy,such as time.There are twenty-four hours in a day.Sometimes

Money Is Not EverythingMoney and MoralityAlmost all material things here on earth can be bought with money. Money is a medium of exchange to acquire any services or material things that we want or need. For many people, money is everything.

It is commonly believed that money is everything,but in my pinion,we can"t live without parents and friends.if i had a million dollars,i would travel the world with my parents.and friend.i would put a half of it in the bank.And i would help the poors


My view on MoneyMoney from our birth, it began with us. Some people despise it, some people crush it, but I said: it is practical. It is the foundation of all things, whether good, evil. Money, itself is not wrong, wrong view it is everyone's mentality,

金钱是万能的保证基本的生活需要金钱,人若没有了基本的生活保障,就难以保存生命,没了生命就什么也没有了,还谈什么精神建设呢?所以从本质上说 金钱才是万能的 说金钱不是万能的是忽略了其基本的生活需求也是建立在金钱之上的.



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