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Summer swimming safety can not be ignored(标题)以下正文;More hot days, the public swimming pool has become a favored place, leisure Xiaoshu, we can feel good fitness. A pool of blue water, has a lovely, but there is also potential danger.

Learn Swimming Yesterday is Sunday. The day's weather is so hot. This afternoon, I went to the swimming pool with my father and my brother. I put up the swimming suit.When I saw the people who is swimming,I wanted to swim very much . So I

My hometown is near the sea. My father tought me to swim when I was seven years old.I spent two months on learning swimming. I like swimming very much.I always go swimming in summer holiday. So,I like summer best of all the seasons.I often

初二水平啊.Last weekend, my friend xiao li and I went to swimming pool. The pool is full of water. And it is very big. Many people in it or beside it. We swam and rest at there. We also buy ice cream to eat.After 2 hours, we went home. We are so happy.

One day,a friend visited me . After talking ,she came to my bake-garden. In her surprised,I win a big swimming pool

I think that the summer when we can enjoy our time to go swimming!As the hot summer weather,people can not wait to find a place to dispel summer heat,perhaps the pool is more practical than the air-conditioned room. Where we should go

interesting swimming experience有趣的游泳经历我的游泳经验很有趣.有一次游泳的时候我像一块石头.就这样,直到有一天,当我在钓鱼和我的一个朋友在附近的一个池塘.我溜到它.如果我的朋友没来救我,我就已经淹死了.从此,我已


Swimming In summer, the weather is very hot. Swimming is popular. I like swimming, too. I think swimming is a very interesting sport. It helps us build a healthy body. And it makes us cool in the hot summer days. Besides, we can call several friends

As a basic living skill, besides driving, swimming is a helpful sport for us to keep fit. We can easily lose weight through swimming regularly, rather than spare no effort to be on a diet. Swimming enables us to exercise our muscles and improve our


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