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1. You look great today.(你今天看上去很棒.)【每天都可以用!】 2. You did a good job. (你干得非常好.)【国际最通用的表扬!】 3. We're so proud of you.(我们十分为你骄傲.)【最高级的表扬!】 4. I'm very pleased with your

Ah! 羡慕,满意 Aha! 满意,愉快,胜利 Ahem! 唤起注意 Alas! 遗憾,悲痛,不幸 Bah! 轻蔑,厌恶 Brrr! 寒冷 Darn!(Darn it!) 愤怒,失望 Eeeek! 害怕 For goodness sake! 惊奇,害怕 Gad! 惊奇,不赞同 Gee! 惊奇,赞美 God!(

“高度赞扬”的表达方式,尚有如下几种供你参考:-- belaud(对大加赞扬)-- gave high praise of-- speak very highly of sb

English is an open girl who give you more chances to make your dream come true.

Excellent --出类拔萃的 Perfect--完美无缺的 fantastic--美好的

【赞美对方的工作表现】 1. We are proud to have you on our team. 能有你在我们团队,我们很自豪. 2. You are an excellent “outside-of-the-box” thinker. 你是个善于创造性思考的人. 3. It's no wonder that you are such an outstanding



1.好词 (1)Population explosion/baby boom (2)Population censu(3)Birth/death rate (4)Family planning(5)Suicide bombing (6)Dropout students (7)Eliminate illiteracy (8)Help those in distress and aid those in peril (9)Poverty-stricken areas (10)

Bravo! 太棒了!Excellent!太好了!Brilliant! 太好了!(英国人用的) Spectacular!简直牛X!


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