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I have a dream, that is travelling to Yunnan Province. It is a very beautiful place. I will go to Yunnan when I have enough money and time. First I will go to Kunming City to see flowers. It is a city of spring. Then I will go to Dali and Lijiang to see some old

My America Dream I have a dream, that is going to America. America is a beautiful country. And the country is very popular.I want to make money in America. I will have a very amazing life. My life in America must be very exciting. In America, I will

the plac i want to visit with my parents 我和父母想去的地方 the place that i want to visit most with my parents is guilin because it is one of the most attractive tourism places in china.guilin is famous for li river and elephant trunk hill.they are the

我想去的地方 The Place I Want to Go To; [例句]我要做我想做的事,去我想去的地方.I'm going to do what I like and go where I like place 英 [ples] 美 [ples] n.位置;地点;场所;地方;城镇(或建筑物等);有某用途的建筑(或土地) v.(

I would like to visit France. As most of the travellers know, France is a very attractive country. I would like to appreciate travellers to visit there not only because of its beautiful scene, and also the fantastic food. I do not interested in countries such as

which place do you want to go most? in my opinion, yunnan provice is the place where i want to go most. i hope i can travel to yunnan by train. i had read some information about yunnan. it has the b厂耿班际直宦绊为豹力luest sky and the cleanest

The place which I would like to visit the most is YunNan.I would like to travel there alone as the weather there is very good.The temperature there is just right,not too cold or too hot.The scenery there is very beautiful too.I hope I can visit YunNan on the day of my 18th birthday.

那是我最想去的地方.That is the place where I mostly want to go to.我以为春节结束了,你已经回去工作了呢 I thought the Spring Festival is over, you had gone back to work.

i have a dream in my heart that i want to travel all over the world .and so far ,i have already visited many places. now , i hope to visit beijing with my parents by plane . beijing is a good place to visit. and beijing is famous the great wall,i want to walk up

l. believe everybody all have a place in heart


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