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新视野大学英语(第二版)读写教程第三册课后习题答案 Unit 1 III1 beneath 2 disguised 3 whistles 4 restrain 5 grasp 6 longing 7 praying 8 faithful 9 pledge 10 drain IV1 tell …on you 2 track down 3 work it out 4 picking on me 5 reckoned with6 call

新视野大学英语第二版读写教程(第三册)Unit 1~Unit 10 答案 新视野大学英语第二版读写教程(第三册)Unit 1 Section A. The Expensive Fantasy of Lord Williams Part .II1. Because this is a title bought with stolen money. The guy's real name

新视野大学英语第三版读写教程(第三册)Unit3 Section A. Where Principles Come First 第二部分:1. It operates on the principle that if you teach students the merit of such values as truth, courage, integrity, leadership, curiosity and concern, then

去百度文库,查看完整内容>内容来自用户:LONG智杰NNCE Book3课后翻译参考答案Unit1英译中原文:Global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this

选择题 I want to study in university in a foreign country in the future .A an B a C the D \ 答案:B2.____ Rice and fish, please.A. How are you?B. May I take your order?C. Help yourself!答案:B 根据所给汉语完成下列句子,词数不限.1.我知道

Unit1textA 3. 1.confidence 2.explore 3emerged 4assume 5pose 6comprehensive 7resources 8yield 9inherited 10transmit4 uncover uneasy unload applicant resistant accountant assist simplify notify qualify classify5 1classified 2assist 3resistant 4

新视野大学英语读写教程第三册答案1.No matter how experienced a speaker you are, and how well you have prepared your speech, you will have difficulty making a speech at such a noisy reception.2.Just as all his sister's friends cared about him,

新视野大学英语视听说教程1答案Unit1 II. Listening Skills Listening for Names1.David 2.Leigh 3.Vicky Klein 4.Laura Tish Hill 5. Anthony McDonald III. Listening In1.B 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.A Task 1: Enrolling Task 2: Living on Campus1. She thinks it's


《新视野大学英语读写教程(第二版)第1册》课后答案 Unit 4 Vocabulary III. 1. conscious 2. depressed 3. ranges 4. impressed 5. encounter 6. introduction 7. match 8. physical 9. relaxed 10.contact IV. 1. are committed to 2. takesseriously

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