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英文自我介绍范文带翻译2分钟,带翻 译

自我介绍 大家好,很高兴借此机会来介绍我自己.我叫…,英文名叫……,来自美丽的广西桂林,现就读于南宁职业技术学院,主修会计.我在业余生活喜欢读书、写字、听音乐、交朋友.我是一个自信的人,执着而有耐心是我最大的特点.

Hello everybody. My name is Stone. I come from Guangdong province in China.I am very happy to come here to study with you.When I arrived at this school three days ago, I fell in love with it.It is so beautiful and exciting here, and everyone is kind to

tch out in an endless vista. So we go

Hello,everyone.My name is ***(你的名字),I'm *(你的年纪) years old.I study in ***(你的学校名) Primary School.I'm in Grade*(你的年级) Class*(你的班级). I like football and English very much,and i often play football with my classmates


你好,自我介绍为:me hello,everybody! do you want to know my name?my name is alex and i am a 15-year-old boy.i am from china and i can speak english ,korean(韩国语) and chinese.i am tall and i have a big head, a small nose,a healthy

hello everyone . i am glad to be here to introduce myself . my name is …my english name is …i am 20 years old . i come from …when i am free . i usually read some books and listening music . reading can broaden my mind and i can learn many

Hello, everyone! My name is XXX, you can also call me XXX.I study at No.XX middle school now. I'm not outgoing. I like reading books alone. I am also fond of listening to music. I love country music. I like watching cartoons, too. Because of

hi, everybody. my name is really nice to meet you all! as you see, i am outgoing and amicable, and i have great interest in music. my special preference and also my forte is playing cello. grade 8 on that already. so if there's anybody wants to form

hello,everyone.my name is ***(你的名字),i'm *(你的年纪) years old.i study in ***(你的学校名) primary school.i'm in grade*(你的年级) class*(你的班级). i like football and english very much,and i often play football with my classmates


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