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英语口语翻译。急 你好,我以预订了 八月13号到8月...

Hello! My name XXX. I have reserved a room from August 13 to 24. My flight will be landing at 8:00 on August 13 morning. May I check in at 9:00 on that morng?

Hello, August! Better for me, please.

1、七月再见 八月你好英语:(1)July goodbye,Hello, August.(2)Good-bye in July and hello in August2、词汇:七月July; the seventh month of the lunar year; the seventh moon; Jul; Jul.八月August; the eighth month of the lunar year; the eighth

八月十三我要考试了怎么办?I'm going to have an exam on 13th August, what should I do?希望可以帮到你望采纳

Hello, August! This is a memorable month for me!

I want to change the predetermined time to two nights of August 30th and August 31st ; we are 4 people in one room.

From August 4 to August 16 希望帮到你.

两种方法:13th april or april 13th

november 27th

3. I have no dream because I dreamed last night. Everybody has a dream. They hope that enemy become friends. So we hope the Japanese become our friends after the end of World War II, but now the enemy get back. An island with no person



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