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字数应该够了吧,希望对你有帮助!dear zhang, i am really sorry to tell you that i was unable to attend your birthday party yesterday evening. that is owing to the fact that my old friends visited my house without telling me the exact time. i had to

hi tom, i am glad that you are coming to shandong this summer holiday. i have told my parents and they welcome you and are happy about it too. there are a lot of beatiful and historic place in shandong. shandong, qufu is the hometown of the great

Dear :Having heard that you are coming to China this October,I am very exited to be your guide in China.Knowing that Xi'an is your favorite city in China,I've arranged a five-day tour in Xi'an for you.The first day,we are going to pay a visit to the

提示在哪里?Dear Tom, Good Day!Glad to get your email and invite me and our family to have a trip in USA in this summer holiday. I am so appreciated. (下面就把你的提示信息用在这个地方.) Thanks very much in advance and wait to see you soon.yours sincerely, Li Hua

Dear Peter,I'm glad to receive your e-mail. Now I'd like to tell you something about the manners in China. When people meet each other, they often shake hands. Chinese people talk about many topics, even including their ages. Besides, if you'

Hi Tom, I am glad that you are coming to Shandong this summer holiday. I have told my parents and they welcome you and are happy about it too. There are a lot of beatiful and historic place in Shandong. Shandong, Qufu is the hometown of the

Dear Lucy,I'm writing to tell you the arrangements for our trip during the summer holiday. We will travel to the south of China where Hainan Island, the world famous tourist site, is located. We will spend our holiday there from July 18 to July 26. We

Hello, Bill ! How are you ? I am writing to thank you for inviting me to your country for a visit. I enjoy the stay with your whole family. They are so friendly to me that I felt that I was a family member in your family. I will never forget the days when we had a

once in domestic cat, have had the experience of the pet, feed water, please her trust, please write him a letter, email should include the following points 1, willing to help take care of a pet dog 2, regularly to bathe the dog 4, you like pet, you no go out

Dear Michael, How are you? These days, I am planning to travel abroad during the vacation. I think traveling abroad is very meaningful. First, traveling abroad can broaden my horizons. When I visit a foreign country, I can learn more about the


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