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中学生该不该熬夜学习 英语作文

I think the teeagers shouldn't stay up too late to study because it is bad for their health. They need to sleep at least eight hours a day. Besides it isn't effect to study too late, they need to keep their brain and mind clear and fresh. When they go to bed

Don't Stay up at Night.Today more and more students are inclined to stay up at night.They enjoy the night so much that they don't go to bed until deep into the night or even until the next morning.Hower that would do harm to their health.Students who

关于熬夜的英语作文<br>当午夜多数人已经进入梦乡时,“夜猫子”们的生活才刚刚开始.很多人坚信自己夜间才能精神抖擞,才能高效率工作,但医生们却说这样有损健康,熬夜还是不熬夜?这是一个问题.<br>1.You may need more sleep than

不好,长期通宵熬夜不睡觉的五大害处: 伤害一:免疫力下降 经常处于熬夜、疲劳、精神不振的状况,人体的免疫力会随之下降,感冒、胃肠感染、过敏等自律神经失调症状也会不期而至地找到你头上.而且经常熬夜带来的直接症候就是第二

Dear Jane:I heard from you last week and i'm worried abou your health when it said that you always feel unfit and ask me how to deal with this serious problem.Here I have some tips for you.firstly,you should go on a healthy diet which makes you

Get Up Early or stay up lateMany people want to ask, what is the best time for sleep? Do we need to sleep early or late? My opinion is to sleep early. Here is the reason why we should sleep early. First, it will make you more healthy. Sleep late would





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