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因为这是一种固定搭配,步行 on foot,如果形容怎样步行的,就在foot前加上修饰词即可,比如on bare feet,意思是光着两只脚。 重点词汇解释: feet 英[fi:t] 美[fit] n. 脚步; 脚( foot的名词复数 ); 底部; 英尺(=12 英寸或 30.48 厘米); [例句...

as walked on,her bare feet quite cold and blue with red。继续前行,可是她光着的脚丫冻得又青紫又红肿。 是这篇文章吗? lt was dreadfully cold, it was snowing fast, and almost dark; the evening----the last evening of the old yea...

这句话是在描述一个画面 身着连体耕作服的年轻姑娘赤脚翘在桌上,映衬在背后窗外绵延着的农田中

bare feet是赤脚的意思,no bare feet可能是指穿着鞋子的脚

It was snowing on the last evening of the old year. A poor girl on bare feet selling the matches in the street. In the whole day, no one bought her a match. She was cold and hungry. The little girl sat at the corner of a wall. ...


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