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I have an American pen friend.We met on the MSN.She teaches me how to speak English,while i teach her Chinese.We are happy to talk with each other.

If I were you,I would give up everything to follow you.When one person full in love with other person,He could care about you whether you here and he spent sometimes in keeping your company.Howevery,it is difficult for you to follow her.You are

my friend do you have any good friends? may is one of mine. she is ten years old. she is tall, and she has a round face, big eyes, a small nose and a small mouth, her hair is long and black. may and i are classmates, she sits behind me. we go home

I have a friend and her name is Lucy.She has a large build so I hope my friend can be slim and healthy.She is a bit shy.I hope she can change herself and be outgoing.So she

答案:My pen pal,how are you?I am from China,red,and I like singing and dancing,just had finished Christmas abroad,I think this festival is very interesting.I want to tell you this holiday with us is

tom is my best friend. he has short hair and wears a pair of glasses. he is shorter but a little bit stronger than i am. in my eyes, he is a clever and brave boy. one day we went to school by bus together as usual. the bus was so crowded at the rush time.

Hello ! everyone,today my topic is 《My friend and me》.My name is Sharry ,I'am twelve years old.I'm a student :I'm study in Hai yuan foreign language shool . I think I'm a bit

my best friend I have a best friend. Her name is Mary, She's very beautiful and lovely. She's work hard and interested in all subjects, but she likes English very much. She thinks English very interesting. so when i have problem. She always help me.

I hav five best friends . They are Bob ,Mike , Bill , Mary and Jack . they ar all 11 years old . Bob is a very celver boy . One year ago he couldn't swim but nw he can swim very well . Mike and Bill are both like playing thr piano . and they expert at riding

My friend,thank you,in my most helpless,you taught me to believe that friendship,in my most lonely when you let me know I am not a man,my friend,I want to thank you,in the cold The winter has to accom

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