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Last week I spent together with friends Mike. On Saturday morning, we visited the museum afternoon, we go shopping, evening, we went to see a movie together. On Sunday morning to go hiking with us in the afternoon, we go out for a walk, evening, we watch TV together.This weekend we play of very happy!

Last weekend I am an active boy, and I like sports very much.I felt very happy last weekend,because I had a wonderful time .On the morning last saturday, I played football with my friends.And in the afternoon, I watched TV to enjoy my pleasant time.

last friday, i was very happy because i played gobang with zhu ge. after that, we played chinese poker for a while. i won so many times that i was really happy with it. on saturday, i was having classes from morning to noon. in the afternoon, i was

Last weekend was very busy.My father and I were in Beijing.In the morning,the weather was sunny and warm.We ate breakfast in a restaurant.Then we toke the bus to the Great Wall.The Great Wall is very

My last weekend was really cool. I got up early on Saturday because my parents and I decided to go to the park. We went boating and climbed the mountain. We had a pinic

I had a happy weekend last week.On Saturday morning,I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes.In the afternoon,I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine,my parents' and my brother's.This was my last weekend,and I felt very happy.

last weekend I had a busy weekend. , I walked to Lily's home . I studied English with her. in the afternoon, I cooked noodles with my mother .On Sunday morning, I watched TV, it was fun. Then I went to a park by bike . I flew kites. It was a sunny day.

1. last weekend i was busy.2. in the morning, i went fishing with my parents.3. at noon, i swam in the sea.4. in the afternoon, i played football with my friends.5. in the evening, i helped my mom cook firstly, then i watched tv after supper.6. at the

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